Small Business Family Portrait

Hi! I'm Hailey

There’s a lot I could share about my journey to blogging and entrepreneurship, but I think the most important thing that has put, and kept, me on this path is family- mine and yours. Terra Therapi is about more than just pretty little things, it’s about celebrating important milestones (after all, your little ones only turn one once) and creating little moments of peace amidst a crazy thing called life. With every design I work hard to create, there is meaning beyond the cute color scheme and image. I want each item to spark joy and have purpose.

My Work Buddy
Me and my other babies

I am also doing this for my family. My mantra in life is “complementary, not contradictory.” Meaning, all too often in life we sell ourselves short often thinking we have to choose between two good things. But I believe in finding creative solutions to accomplish all of our goals. Some of mine include being to a rock star mother and wife while being professionally fulfilled and edified. Entrepreneurship has offered me those opportunities by allowing me to involve my family in my work and develop new skills. Thanks for supporting me in my goals, and allowing me to be part of your special moments!