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How To Style A Textured Vase In Your Home

You may have seen the upcycled, textured vase trend going around and wanted to incorporate one (or a million if you're like me!) into your home, only to wonder... where is the best place to put it and how should I style it? Wonder no longer with this guide to 12 ways to style a textured vase in any space!

This guide will show you the best places around your home for these beautiful painted accents along with inspiration for dressing them up! Want some more help deciding on what decor to pair with your vase? Read our Guide to The 10 Best Styling Companions For A Faux Ceramic Vase.

Bedroom Nightstand

I love the look of matching nightstands, though you can totally style each differently! Nightstand decor is best kept minimal. Make the perfect statement by pairing a taller vase with a short one. Add incense sticks in the small one to complete the look!

Another example is this light and airy look. There is a lot of visual appeal in stacking books and a plant. Green is proven to have a calming effect, amazing!


Shelves, whether floating or built in, are one of my favorites to style! I love using a combination of books, vases, and natural elements. Stick to a couple colors to keep it from looking too busy. Shelves look the best when the most obvious color accent is carried through multiple elements (i.e. the orange).

Fireplace Mantle

There's nothing cozier than curling up by a fireplace on a cold evening. Complete the peaceful look by adding a tall vase with pampas grass. If the fireplace is painted white, using a subtle color accent such as this rusty pink is perfect!

Dining Room Table

The dining room table... it can be tempting to go overboard on table decor, but it's important to keep in mind that space fills up quickly when in use! Keep things simple and elegant by placing a white vase on a flat basket, topped with a dried sun palm.


Bathroom decor can get overlooked, but you can spice things up simply by adding a textured vase with lavender next to the soap, or in a container on top of the toilet.

Spice Up The Kitchen Sink

Let's be real, no one likes doing the dishes. So do yourself a favor and improve the experience by giving yourself something you enjoy looking at while doing them. Dress it up with two dried palms.

Self Care Corner

Okay, you may not currently have a Self Care Corner in your home, but you totally should! Self care is a big focus here at Terra Therapi and having a peaceful little corner of your home designated to it is a great way to encourage making self care a regular part of your day. Make your's cute with a painted round planter.

Makeup Holder

Make your decor beautiful AND functional by styling it with something you already use such as makeup brushes. Making your decor useful is a great way to incorporate minimalism into your home.

Living Room End Table

Can you tell I love using incense sticks with these vases? And mix matching different sized vases. Here are two fun examples of end table styling!

Coffee Table

A coffee table works great for larger vases like this white one. If your table is darker, use a light colored vase as an accent, and vice versa if yours is light!

Outdoor Style

I love that having plants indoors is a trend right now! My friend used her Terra Therapi vase as a planter for real succulents. I also love the "Live Simply" sign she paired it with!

Dresser Top

I love styling long dressers. They look so elegant (and also, I need alot of room for clothes... though I prefer to hang mine!). Copy this look by using eucalyptus in this bottle style vase next to a meaningful print. I love seeing this motherhood line art every time I walk past!

There are so many more ways to style these upcycled vases! And I love seeing your ideas I haven't thought of. If you're new here, follow us on Instagram @terratherapi and tag us to show us how you styled your updated vase!

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