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The 10 Best Gifts for Your Boho Loving Friends This Galentines Day

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

That time of year has arrived once again, you know that holiday where you're supposed to be in love.... For some of us, we may have found our true love, and for others, you may be on the hunt. Thankfully, Leslie Knope, aka Amy Poehler, from Parks and Recreation has our backs regardless your love status, with her creation of Galentines Day!

For those ladies who have found love, they get to relish in the romantic candlelit dinners and expect something a little extra from their significant other, but what about the rest of the women in the world?! Do we get to benefit from this holiday? Absolutely! Regardless of your relationship status, there is always time to spread some love to your girls this Galentines Day, wittily created on February 13th.

So gather all your girls and get together to celebrate your friendship because the world needs more positive vibes and genuine friendship! Need some cute gift ideas as a token of your appreciation? We've got you covered with these top 10 adorable gift ideas. But don't stop there, create a night full of memories, whether that's celebrating the night with heart shaped waffles and all things pink and bubbly or staying cozy with hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and heart sprinkles, there's no wrong way of celebrating friendship with your squad.

1. Repurposed Vases

Stun your friends with one of these beautiful repurposed vases that give all the boho vibes. Mix and match to create the perfect set! These upcycled beauties are especially perfect for your environmentally- conscious pals.

2. Macrame.

Any friend will appreciate a gift that reminds them of their creative side whether it's for a hanging a plant, a mirror charm, or wall art, any of these creations have you covered for this years Galentines gift.

3. Custom Best Friends Portrait

Nothing speaks friendship louder than a custom portrait of you and your best friend(s). Choose something that best depicts your friendship whether that's exploring the outdoors together, shopping, or eating some good food together.

4. Essential Oils and Candles

Remind your friends of the power of aroma therapy by gifting some essential oils or candles. There are so many options to choose from that can be fresh, calming, relaxing, or invigorating and can even be a natural healing agent and supports mental focus and clarity. All these benefits are packaged in one little bottle!

5. Statement Earrings

Every girl likes to get ready every now and then, especially to feel normal during quarantine, so give a gift that creates a statement for a night out on the town or the next photoshoot! Check out more styles here.

6. Scrunchies

On that same note of beauty products, why not give something that your girlfriends can use everyday whether that's hiking, working out, or an easy accessory to add to their look of the day. You know that this gift would be used! Click here for all things scrunchies!

7. Bath Bombs and Bath Salts

Sometimes a girl's just got to relax and what better way than a hot, bubbly bath with the lights turned down low, and a self care book in hand. Good thing these bath bombs and bath salts don't just look pretty, but they smell just as good! Your girlfriends will be thanking you later.

8. Self Care Book

Now, you didn't think I'd suggest the perfect night (see above) and not reference the perfect book, did you? Click here and you will find so many great ideas of different self care and self reflection books.

9. Everything Fuzzy

The perfect gift wouldn't be complete without something fuzzy. A girl can't have too much fuzzy in her life, am I right?! Whether it's wrapped around your body or just keeping your feet warm, you can't go wrong with gifting a blanket or cozy slippers.

10. Face Mask

To top off the list, you can always look out for your friend's beauty by giving them a face mask that is filled with all-natural super fruits like papaya that gives skin a glow and better yet smells like your on a tropical vacation!

Make this year a special one for you and your friends! Take the night off. Plan a date with your girlfriends. And give a gift (maybe keep one for yourself ;)) that makes all the girls feel grateful for being a woman!


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