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5 Versatile Ways to Incorporate The #trashtoterracotta Trend in Your Home

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Let me guess, at some point in time you've seen something you love on Pinterest only to try it and be... not quite satisfied with the results. If you're like me, you've probably experienced some "Pinterest Fails" when trying out a trend you love, but don't worry! You're not destined to live in constant imposter syndrome; some looks can actually be easy to achieve with the right help! That's why our team here at Terra Therapi decided to make it easy for you by sharing 4 fun ways to implement the textured vase trend in your own space! Whatever space you need to cheer up (home, apartment, bathroom, etc.), these ideas are sure to make you love it whether you copy one exactly, or are inspired with your own!

The key to loving your vase, is making it your own! We'll show you just that by showcasing how each member on the team has incorporated their own vase in their home. You may have noticed from our Etsy shop that we love the boho vibe, but check out some ideas from our own team that shows just how versatile these TerraTherapi vases are!

Why Have Just One?

Hailey's Dynamic Trio

Take it from the expert, Terra Therapi owner herself, to create a masterpiece in her home. Hailey decorates her own home by styling two vases together, complete with a Vitruvi diffuser (because who doesn't love aroma therapy?). The different shades of color add dimension and interest to her space. Hailey loves decorating her home with Terra Therapi vases and it's easy to see why, it's so cute! Hailey said, "I love this style of vases because they fit in well with my home's neutral color scheme, while adding a subtle color accent." The variety of vases do just that, add the perfect amount of contrasting colors between the three vases while still being cohesive. The grass inserts add to the look and the beads and woven tray give the finishing touch. Touchdown for Hailey!

The Cozy Corner

Madi's Intimate Corner

Your home is your retreat away from the world, but that doesn't mean it has to be lifeless. Check out how our team member Madi uses her Terra Therapi vase.

Madi said, "I love my Terra Therapi vase! It's a great addition to my nightstand in my room. My favorite part of the vase is the ruffled edge - a fun girly addition. I added some greenery, for that outdoorsy feel, and love how it brings nature into my room. It really helps me to feel calm and stress free. I spend a lot of time in my room, doing homework and relaxing, so it's the perfect place for the vase."

Madi's Terra Therapi vase brings together the look of her cozy corner in her bedroom. It's simplicity brings a calmness to her bedroom. You can do the same. Pick a #trashtoterracotta vase with one or two items to complete the look. Following in Madi's steps is sure to give the uplift your bedroom has been needing to bring more serenity and peace into your life.

Bye, Bye, Boring Bathroom...

Emily's transformational accessory

...HELLO fun bathroom! Bathroom decor can get overlooked, but why should it? Give your bathroom the attention it needs and accessorize it with one of the many terra cotta accents. Make it a statement piece by designating it as the focal point of the bathroom, as pictured below, or pair it with another item like in the following image. One simple addition to your bathroom can make all the difference. Make your bathroom the place that makes you happy when you wake up first thing in the morning! Look at what our team member Emily did with her bathroom!

Emily said, "My vase added a lot of cute decoration to my dorm room and it fits perfectly by my sink. I smile every time I go to look in the mirror!" Now, tell me you wouldn't want to get ready in front of that mirror every day! Take a little extra time to change the decor in your bathroom and you're sure to start your day of right! Want Emily's bathroom look, search no further! Terra Therapi vase here.

Bring the Outside, Inside

Rylee's Repurposed Vase

These vases are also great at bringing the outdoors into your home. This cute little round vase also act as a plant pot. Don't worry about any damage done from watering your plants, the terra cotta vase can take it. The potting vase is the perfect combo for plants. Incorporating nature in your home brings more color and calmness inside. With all the hustle and bustle in our lives, it's nice to be reminded to just breath and enjoy the beauty and serenity of nature. Our team member Rylee shared that she loves her vase, because "it is the perfect accessory for bringing your apartment to life no matter how you use it!"

It's Multifunctional Too!

Meghan's Makeup Holder

When it comes to decorating your space, there are so many tips and tricks to include to master the perfect focal point that expresses your personality, but one we haven't touched on yet, is how to utilize functionality with the vase. Yes, a vase can bring beauty to a room, but it can also be functional, or better yet, it can do BOTH! Enhance the look of your room while taking advantage of its functionality. Team member Meghan said this about her vase, "I thought the vase was perfect for a little self-care corner. I really like that I can use my vase in more ways than one. I have one vase that I use as a makeup holder and another to hold flowers. Regardless of how I use it, it adds to the look of my room!"

Terra Therapi Vases

Terra Therapi vases incorporate so many colors and shapes that it may seem difficult to decide which one to start with, but we assure you that you can't go wrong! Whichever vase you choose will enhance the look of your home. As you've seen from the team members here at Terra Therapi, there is more than one way to style your vase, so get moving on revamping your home and just know, that we're here for more ideas and tips to style your home!


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