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Tips On Helping Your Small Business Grow

Starting your own business is tough, there's no need to sugar coat the truth! When there are hundreds of things that need to happen before your business takes off and it feels like it needs to happen instantaneously, it's inevitable that you're going to feel like you should give up or question if you made the right decision to start a business, BUT I'm here to tell you that IT. TAKES. TIME! Be patient. Don't let anyone fool you, it's not easy, but you can do it. Even the bloggers and social media influencers who seem to have it all worked out had to begin somewhere. To tell you the truth they've either put in countless hours on their own, have a helpful crew behind them, or maybe even have a loyal husband who's trained in the art of capturing the perfect moment. 😉🥰

Whatever the case, starting a business is HARD and it's just as hard deciding what to focus on first. Here's a little of my experience to help!

Show the Customer You Care

We all want our business to grow, right? But how? A good place to start is by developing your love group. The customers and followers who genuinely love your products and everything you're about. Go beyond a surface level relationship by showing your love group that you really care about their experience with your brand.

A great way to do that is through customer cards. Here is one of mine that direct the customer to leave a review, whether good or bad. You want to build trust with your customers. Let them know you appreciate their opinion and want to do better if something didn't meet their expectations. This is very important! In fact, studies have found that customers who were dissatisfied with either a service or product, but then had that problem addressed and corrected by the business were given higher reviews by the customer and retained their business, even more so then a customer who didn't have a problem at all! Amazing!

Letting customers know you care about their feelings and want them to be satisfied is really what matters to people. I know this has happened with me. Think about when you call a store and they help you with a problem. No matter the problem, if you've been respectfully helped by an employee, then I'm sure you left very pleased and with a desire to continue supporting that business, regardless of the prior issue. This goes a long way for the customer!

Encourage Repeat Customers

What customer doesn't like a discount?! Let your customers know you're grateful for them by shipping the products with a card that provides a discount code for their next purchase. This is a win-win! You are more likely to retain your customers and they get a discount... everyone's happy here 🙌🏼 Take it a step further and customize your "Thank you" cards, discount cards, stickers, and customer review cards. This is just one more thing that gives you that special something and keeps people coming back for more. Good luck fellow small business extraordinaires!

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